An Introduction to Scuppernong Books


Greensboro's premier independent bookstore with a lively café that offers coffee, wine, beer, and some of the Piedmont's most delicious food. Conveniently located in a newly renovated 120-year-old historic building in the heart of downtown Greensboro Scuppernong Books is the Piedmont’s literary epicenter that provides a unique meeting place for artists, writers, students and anyone who is passionate about books, art, food, and life. The café also regularly hosts literary readings, live music and lectures.

The bookstore offers a wide selection of approximately 10,000 hand-picked quality titles that will impress even the most learned reader and Scuppernong Books also displays and sells art from some of the region’s leading artists.Scuppernong is a place where people of all ages and backgrounds come to meet, browse, read, have engaging discussions or just escape the daily grind and relax.

We're open seven days a week and always open on-line.