Free To Choose: A Personal Statement (Paperback)

Free To Choose: A Personal Statement By Milton Friedman, Rose Friedman Cover Image
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A powerful and persuasive discussion about economics, freedom, and the relationship between the two, from today's brightest economist.
In this classic discussion, Milton and Rose Friedman explain how our freedom has been eroded and our affluence undermined through the explosion of laws, regulations, agencies, and spending in Washington. This important analysis reveals what has gone wrong in America in the past and what is necessary for our economic health to flourish.

About the Author

MILTON FRIEDMAN (1912–2006), Nobel laureate economist and former presidential adviser, was the author of a number of books, including Capitalism and Freedom and Tyranny of the Status Quo, also written with his wife, Rose Friedman (1910–2009).

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ISBN: 9780156334600
ISBN-10: 0156334607
Publisher: Mariner Books Classics
Publication Date: November 26th, 1990
Pages: 368
Language: English