Underground Railroad: Path to Freedom (American Milestones (Gallopade International)) (Paperback)

Underground Railroad: Path to Freedom (American Milestones (Gallopade International)) By Carole Marsh Cover Image
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Slavery in the South was a dark chapter in American history. Yet in this desperate time, a shining light of hope emerged from the darkness-the Underground Railroad The Underground Railroad was not powered by noisy, dirty steam engines, but by the hearts, minds, and hands of Americans. This network of courageous men and women, safe houses, and secret messages moved close to 100,000 slaves to freedom in the first art of the 19th century. The stories of the Underground Railroad are full of suspense, compassion, and amazing determination. Meet Harriet Tubman, the Moses of her people Meet Box Brown, who shipped himself to freedom in a crate Learn how slaves passed messages and used the stars to guide them Find out which novel about slavery captured the attention of the entire world Learn how this train to freedom changed our country forever.

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ISBN: 9780635063595
ISBN-10: 063506359X
Publisher: Gallopade International
Publication Date: December 14th, 2006
Pages: 28
Language: English
Series: American Milestones (Gallopade International)