The Heart Case: Romance and Murder (Paperback)

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The Heart Case: Romance and Murder

Two novellas, one story; since every story has two sides. Sam the young detective has his version; Georgia, a young wife in a loveless marriage has hers. Sam's story begins the day he meets the lovely Georgia Heart. Georgia's story begins two years earlier on the day of her marriage to Andre Heart. Sam and Georgia's story is one of love, passion, mystery, secrets and murder.

Sam Mackintosh, goes by the name Sam Spade, P.I. It is good for business. He is already cynical at the age of 25, He no longer believes in love, until his new client, the beautiful, Georgia walks into his office. Sam has read enough stories and seen enough movies to know that a beautiful woman means trouble. Georgia is out of his league in many ways; more than that, she is a married woman. Now Sam is a suspect in the murder of her husband.

Georgia, the beautiful wife of Andre Heart is in a loveless marriage. For her it is love at first sight, when she meets Sam Spade. She has gone along with her family's plans most of her life, but now that she is almost 21, she decides to take control of her own destiny. Georgia is determined to get Sam, no matter the cost. Now she is a suspect in the murder of her husband.

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ISBN: 9781087989471
ISBN-10: 1087989477
Publisher: Judith Devilliers
Publication Date: January 22nd, 2022
Pages: 388
Language: English