Global Delicacies: Diversity, Exotic, Strange, Weird, Relativism. (Paperback)

Global Delicacies: Diversity, Exotic, Strange, Weird, Relativism. By Andrew Nyakupfuka Cover Image
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Americans would swear that the Maryland blue crab, Maine lobster, morel mushroom, or perhaps shrimp DeJonghe are delicacies out of this world because they are surprisingly unique and tasty. But have you ever heard of delicacies such as ha'kari, smalohove, casu marzu, stracatto d'asino, and lutefisk? Meanwhile, others talk about lox, tete de veau, and balut-the list goes on. Welcome aboard to the Global Delicacies gravy trip around the world. Fasten your belts and relax. Our chefs and waitresses are going to serve you with some global delicacies on our expedition. Each and every delicacy will be explained to you, including the source of the food-mammal, reptile, insect, fish, plant, or seaweed-and the location that the delicacy comes from. You will be provided with recipes, medicinal properties, and nutritional values of each delicacy. Be warned, however, that you may find some delicacies offensive and distasteful. You may choose what you want to eat and discard what you do not want to eat. This is a learning curve on your part about global delicacies. This might bring cultural relativism at your doorstep.

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ISBN: 9781452567907
ISBN-10: 1452567905
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication Date: April 1st, 2013
Pages: 302
Language: English