Dogs Are People Too: The Practical Guide to Understanding and Training Your Dog (because you're more alike than you think!) (Paperback)

Dogs Are People Too: The Practical Guide to Understanding and Training Your Dog (because you're more alike than you think!) By Mary Jean Alsina Cover Image
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Dogs Are People Too- The Practical Guide to Understanding and Training Your Dog (because you're more alike than you think ) is a comprehensive guide for novice to experienced owners on how to best understand and interact with their dogs for utmost success.

Professional Reviews

Finding a dog training book that is entertaining, yet not lightweight, is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. With Dogs Are People Too, Mary Jean Alsina presents an extremely unique, science-based perspective about dogs and their owners. The tone of the book is conversational, charming, and thought-provoking with its unique perspective about the similarities between dogs and humans.- John Visconti

Alsina neatly draws on a variety of sources to outline how dog guardians can learn to better communicate with their dogs, read their emotions and understand what they are trying to say.- Susan Nilson

I highly recommend that dog owners read Dogs Are People Too as it delivers an excellent overview of important concepts they need to be aware of. Dogs Are People Too acts as a comprehensive guide to canine guardianship, giving owners the information they need to enhance their bond with their dogs, and is a valuable foundation of dog owner education.- Angelica Steinker

I'd always suspected that my dogs were the better versions of me and now this book proves it. This is the bridge that helps you to relate to your dog as you would to your child, your friend, your partner. It applies what you know already to the language of dogs and you will find yourself nodding absently and consistently in agreement as you flip the pages. Don't think of this as a dog training manual. Rather, it is a guide for understanding dogs.- Zarina Mak

About the author - Mary Jean Alsina, CPDT-KA, PCT-A, M.A., is a certified professional science-based dog trainer with over 10 years' experience. During this time, she has worked with hundreds and hundreds of dogs exhibiting issues ranging from typical puppy behavior to severe fear and aggression as adults. Alsina is a former New Jersey public school teacher who taught instrumental music (band and strings) for 20 years. She also has an extensive knowledge of the human and canine learning process. Alsina finds the similarities between humans and dogs fascinating and draws on them daily to help her clients in her belief that utilizing the knowledge people use to function and relate to others can easily translate to our relationships with dogs, leading to a more successful and understanding partnership.

Keywords: Dog Training, Canine, Dog Behavior, Dogs, Positive Reinforcement, Human Learning, Dogs Are People, Dog Learning, Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs, Dog Safety

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ISBN: 9781506901855
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Publisher: First Edition Design Publishing
Publication Date: April 4th, 2016
Pages: 124
Language: English