Self Reflection: Words and Consciousness (Paperback)

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By Sam Kim
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What we think, imagine, and feel creates our reality as our consciousness. But in the state of consciousness, there are infinite possibilities and creativity. Before we reach the stage of realization, we need some time and process. And when I finish such a process and become a conscious body inside, his consciousness becomes a reality in my space and time of my attention. The author states that we must have communion with the collective self or the providence of existence before being realized. He claims this process can remove the negative elements of consciousness and create a complete and beautiful reality. The attitude that achieves such a result is positivity, and the words are said to be gratitude and love. Because my space-time is the shape and content of the providence of information and existence. Author Sam Kim was born and raised in Korea, received religious education in a Christian family, and studied the Presbyterian College in Korea. And when he came to America, he was influenced by Neville Goddard and Eckhart Tolle, and their ideology approached with an oriental thought that was not unfamiliar to him, who was familiar with Eastern culture and life. So, as a Christian with an oriental background, he candidly and frankly looks at God and pours out his confession.

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Publication Date: November 26th, 2022
Pages: 180
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