Natural Law: It doesn't take an expert. It just takes a look. (Hardcover)

Natural Law: It doesn't take an expert. It just takes a look. By Eric Patrick Marr Cover Image
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"America" is a Recognition

Since Nature created everything, Nature makes the rules.

Nature gives you your rights, other humans do not. Fellow men and women are not licensed to decide rules for you without your consent.

Nature encharged you for your life. This will never be altered.

Government, being man-made, is unauthorized to usurp Nature's order. When a government does try to dismiss Nature, it is unjust and illegal.

You either sink or swim, based on your choices. This is the premise of America.

But America's foundation is eroding on multiple fronts.

As individual Americans, we ignore Nature, ourselves. We don't take care of our bodies, physically or mentally. We are the #1 most obese country in the developed world. We don't exercise nearly enough and our diets are extremely nutrient-deficient. In our naturally-bestowed sovereignty, our unnatural habits make us vulnerable to diseases and foreign adversaries.

Adding to it, today's loudest social voices - our politicians and media - literally make matters worse. Instead of helping, they exacerbate the problems.

It is time we hearken back to Nature.

About the Author

A former design engineer - turned writer, conversationalist, and marketer - Eric's primary love is questioning the ins and outs of life.

Between 2010-2020, most came to know Eric through the non-profit he started, LeXenomics, and Lexington, Kentucky's RunTheBluegrass Half Marathon he's directed.

In 2012, Fast Company named Eric one of America's Fifty Innovation Heroes. In 2014, SportsEvents Magazine awarded RunTheBluegrass the Éclat Award for Excellence. In 2015, Runner's World named RunTheBluegrass one of America's Twenty Must-Do Half Marathons.

From Lexington, Kentucky, and a 1995 graduate of Purdue University, Eric moved to southwest Florida's coastline in 2021 where he's fallen in love with the ocean, Nature's playground.

Outside of his work, Eric has taken up boating, fishing, photography, and boxing since moving to the beach!

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