Money, Myths, and Taxes: The Wounds of Tax Ignorance (Paperback)

Money, Myths, and Taxes: The Wounds of Tax Ignorance By Cindy Petersen Cover Image
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The first section of the book-chapter 1, describes the history of taxes, type of taxes, the the US governments use of taxes collected beginning with the Revolutionary War all the way through the most recent tax law changes of 2017. This portion of the book gives descriptions of the years of tax law changes, the types of tax law changes that has taken place, as well as the financial state of the US when tax laws were passed. The second section of the book-chapter 2, describes the IRS computer systems used to determine what tax returns could be subjected to an audit, the way the IRS determines which tax returns could be selected for audit, and the types of items on a tax return that will most likely cause the IRS to audit a tax return. The third part of the book-chapter 3, are the most common tax questions I have been asked over the years with a description of how the tax law of each question reads, simple language describing the answer to these questions and short personal antidotes of situations my clients have encountered and how I handled each situation. It also includes the types of tax . This part of the book also gives a summary of the types of tax crimes that can be committed by taxpayers and the differences between the types of tax crimes as well as the types of tax relief available to taxpayers. The forth part, chapter 4-is a short summary of the types of legal tax loopholes available to the average taxpayers.

About the Author

Cindy R Petersen is a United States Tax Court Practitioner, and an Enrolled Agent licensed by the IRS with 30 years of experience in tax preparation, and tax representation. Her experience and constant continuing education in the tax industry has allowed her to represent taxpayers in all aspects of tax collections, tax appeals, and tax court representation. Her passion to help taxpayers through the complications of tax law while protecting her clients rights continues to be her professional focus and is represented in the content of this book.

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