Twinings: Poems at Eighty (Paperback)

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This gathering of poems from Julie Fritz's lifetime of attention will give readers a chance to travel back in their own memories too, bringing with them the probing questions and insights she has generously shared in this heartfelt collection about a life well-lived.

To Calm Cattle

It takes skill to calm cattle.

First, find fresh, tasseling alfalfa,

blow its pollen toward the oldest mother,

the one who has been open for three years but still yearns for birth and will listen to you.

The sun needs to be high,

when the meadowlarks are napping and before the red-tail circles.

Get closer, breathe toward her ear but breathe softly -

she knows what sorrow you carry and will let go her fear

to keep you from the edge, to keep you calm.

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ISBN: 9781958754313
ISBN-10: 1958754315
Publisher: Brandylane Publishers, Inc.
Publication Date: April 11th, 2023
Pages: 82
Language: English