SAS Evangelist: An epic story of one man's journey of death to life (Paperback)

SAS Evangelist: An epic story of one man's journey of death to life By Kevin Charles-Thompson Cover Image
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"I'm from the United Kingdom; I'm 43 years old and married with two children. I served eighteen years in the British Army, finishing my long career in the world's most elite special forces, 22 Special Air Service (SAS), which has conducted top-secret missions for the last 80 years. I have been operationally deployed on counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency operations worldwide, including long campaigns in Northern Ireland, Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, fighting the war on terror, often finding myself deep behind enemy lines, outmanned and outgunned.

For 37 years, I was tormented by something deep within me that I did not understand or could explain; it was an inner rage; I was living on a path of self-destruction that dominated my life. Despite becoming an elitist in the world's most elite special forces, what was deep within me was destroying my life; no matter how hard I tried, I could not control it, let alone be free from it. Failure was never an option in the SAS; we would do whatever it took to save the lives of the hostages, even if that meant being killed; it was a price we all accepted and were willing to pay. Although I excelled as a SAS operator on the battlefield yet, in my personal life, when not deployed, I was still waging war on the front line.

Over the years, I served as a special forces operator. I fought against the world's most notorious terrorist organisations in some of the most hostile environments on earth. I was operating deep behind enemy lines where the atmospherics could change in a moment, with the constant threat of being killed, captured, and possibly tortured keeping you on edge. From fast-roping onto rooftops from helicopters at night to search a terrorist bomb factory, conducting desert raids of enemy strongholds to racing speed boats down a jungle river to clear a terrorist training camp, life was never dull in the SAS. But nothing came close to jumping out of a plane at high altitude at night on a hostage rescue mission; I was living the dream in the SAS - 'WHO DARES WINS'.

I came face to face with hardcore radical extremists on kill-or-capture missions, but I saw something far darker than extreme terrorism. The enemy I encountered was not of the natural world; they were demonic. I was experiencing and witnessing a kingdom of darkness that operated in an unseen realm. In the Special Air Service, both on selection and operations, I pushed myself physically, mentally, and emotionally to the limits a man could go to. In my unrelenting pursuit of truth, I pushed myself to my spiritual limit. I was taken on a journey of darkness to light. SAS Evangelist is not just an epic story of one man's journey of death to life; it demonstrates the power of the gospel in one man's life.

SAS Evangelist will open your eyes to what is unseen."

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ISBN: 9798825591858
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 25th, 2022
Pages: 180
Language: English