COVID-19 Update March 15

March 15, 2020

Hello Scuppernong Friends: it's time. It's time to act with our loved ones and community foremost in our minds. As of Monday, March 16 we are going to close our doors to public traffic for one week, at which point we'll re-evaluate our decision. We will still be able to fulfill all website, email, and phone orders. One of the Scuppernong crew will be in the store from 10 to 5 every day to process orders and facilitate in-store pickup.

If you have ordered a book already or plan to place a phone or online order you may come pick it up at the store, but we ask that you please pay ahead online or over the phone so that we can minimize personal contact during your order pickup. We have also reduced our shipping charge to $1 if you would prefer to have your book shipped to you.

We're not happy with this decision, but as we look out on this crisis in America we see a vast absence of credible national direction and protocol. We've been largely left to our own observations and considerations of how to respond. We can all be grateful to, shockingly, the National Basketball Association and other unlikely leaders as examples of how to think seriously about what we're facing. As I write this, France and Spain have joined Italy in demanding that all non-essential businesses shutter their doors.

We think books are essential, and we can get books to you, but let's all admit that we can survive a week or two without a visit to Scuppernong. As many of you know, my wife is a physician and she sees what's coming. We need to do our part to make sure that hospitals are not overrun with Coronavirus cases that will cascade into a medical access crisis for all of us.

We don't know if this is the right thing to do, and every business must make its own decision, but we feel that this is the time to act. The irony is that if this social distancing effectively blunts the worst aspects of this pandemic it will seem like an overreaction. So be it.

We thank you all for all these years of support and we'll see you all in a week. Or two. In the meantime, keep reading. Of the many things we might learn from this moment, one is, and let's shout this together from the streets of Greensboro: knowledge matters. Information matters. Testing matters. Let's all do our part in making Greensboro a city that might lead the way in mitigating the crisis in front of us.
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With every best wish, Brian


March 12, 2020

An update from Scuppernong Books as we respond to the spread of COVID-19:

We are monitoring all information from State, Local, and National experts on the development and spread of the coronavirus and mitigation procedures.

Scuppernong Books will maintain its normal business hours. We’ve instituted more rigorous cleaning and sanitizing procedures at the store and we’re monitoring all employees for symptoms. We remain committed to providing public events and a third-place meeting space for our customers. Current guidelines from the CDC and others do not restrict meetings in small groups.

Like most other small, local businesses, we rely upon your support in order to remain solvent, pay our employees, and give back to the community. We may lose a number of large off-site events over the next weeks which will seriously affect our bottom line, as will other local businesses. We are currently exploring ways to continue to pay our employees, should any member be quarantined. Every local small business is currently struggling with these issues.

People in the service industries cannot work from home. Their jobs entail a higher risk of contact and a higher economic impact in being out of work. We urge you to consider, now more than ever, shopping locally whenever you can.

If you prefer to shop online, it’s easy using the Scuppernong website. For the duration of this crisis, we are cutting our shipping charge to $1. You can also call the store to order any book you like, and we’ll get it in the mail to you. Through our website, you can also order ebooks and audiobooks.

In addition, we are exploring online and streaming possibilities for upcoming author events. We will make every effort not to cancel upcoming events and will inform you of cancellations as soon as they occur.

Each person will make their own decisions in the face of this epidemic. We want our customers to be safe. We want our authors to be safe. We want to protect our staff, not only from the Coronavirus, but from the possible devastating economic effects it will leave in its wake.

We want to continue to bring you books, authors, sock puppets and music programs, conversation and wine, drag queens and panels, and the occasional element of joy.

Take care out there.

Call us if you need us.

The Scuppernong Team