Event Request Form

Event Request Form

We'd love to hear about the event you'd like to have in our store. There are few things we need to tell you first.


IF YOU ARE AN AUTHOR, Please Read This Before Submitting.


Congratulations on your new book! Scuppernong would like to support you. Here are a few notes on author events.

With some exceptions, we are moving toward dual/multiple author events and/or conversations instead of single author readings. The pandemic period has seen a shift in the kinds of events that interest readers, and the dual author format offers a more dynamic event and draws a larger crowd. We’ll ask you about co-presenters on the form.

We do not host events for books published through Amazon, KDP, and many other self-publishing companies. There’s a full explanation available here. Additional author resources are here.

In exceptional circumstances, Scuppernong Books is willing to stock books that incorporate AI-derived content in insightful or innovative ways, but authors must indicate how and where such content has been used. If your work incorporates AI-derived content, please include a brief descriptive note to this effect on your submission form.

In the event a book is not available through our distributors, we rarely take books on consignment. If we do accept one for an event, we offer a 50/50 split for books sold. Books taken on consignment must have a spine with a title, an ISBN, and a bar code on the cover.


IF YOU ARE A BOOK-RELATED GROUP, Please Read This Before Submitting.


Our event space is always open to the public during events unless other arrangements are made.

Scuppernong Books welcomes book clubs, writing groups, and literacy groups free of charge. Since we don’t charge, our hope is that the community groups, book clubs, and audiences that attend our events will recognize that we must make money to survive. We ask that you consider buying our coffee, beer, wine, and food while you are here. You can find nearby catering options here. No outside beverages are allowed.

In addition, we hope that book clubs in particular will consider buying their books at Scuppernong. We will offer a 10% discount to all book-club-specific purchases. For those attending readings, consider supporting both the writer and the store by buying the highlighted book. Or any book.


IF YOU ARE A NON-BOOK RELATED GROUP, Please Read Before Submitting.

If your event is not book-related, please see our fee schedule below. We want to be amenable to other types of events in our store, so we waive fees on a percentage of submitted events per month. If you think your event and our store is a good fit, let us know why you believe a waiver might make sense. As with book events, no outside food or drink is allowed unless approved in advance.

Per Hour Rate


                  Monday - Wednesday   -   $50 per hour

                  Thursday - Sunday        -   $100 per hour (the room is open to customer browsing)

                  Any Day                       -   $200 per hour (the room is closed to customer browsing)


In the past, Scuppernong Books has hosted weddings, rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, and class reunions, among other events. If you would like to stage an event in the entire store, give us a call to discuss the details at 336-763-1919.