Event Request Form

We generally do not charge for the use of our space. Since we don’t charge, our hope is that the community groups, book clubs, and audiences that attend our events will recognize that we must make money to survive. We ask that you consider buying our coffee, beer, wine and food while you are here. We cannot allow outside food, with the possible exception of birthday cakes/cupcakes, etc.

We also hope that book clubs in particular will consider buying their books at Scuppernong. We will offer a 10% discount to all book club specific purchases. For those attending readings, consider supporting both the writer and the store by buying the highlighted book. Or any book.

There are very few spaces that can survive without charging for use. Imagine trying to meet in a fast food restaurant — or any restaurant — without purchasing something. We recognize that there’s something different about an independent bookstore. Our relationship with our customers is certainly not just economic. We love the conversation, the community spirit, the sense of engagement in our city. We also want to continue to be here to enjoy all of that.