Benjamin Rattray, When All Becomes New

What is it like to resuscitate a baby on the cusp of viability, to purposely induce hypothermia, to remove and replace twice a baby’s blood volume within a few hours?
How do you confront the turmoil of emotions when everything goes wrong?
Every year half a million babies are admitted to neonatal intensive care units across the country, their stories and experiences largely hidden from view. With compassion and powerfully moving insight, neonatologist Benjamin Rattray takes readers behind closed doors to reveal heartbreaking realities, joyful and unexpected recoveries, and the often long, uncertain road of recovery encountered in newborn critical care.
Captivating, beautifully written, and deeply personal, When All Becomes New shares a doctor’s intimate reflections on life and medicine, the tension between faith and suffering,
and how faith and hope can change the way we see the world.

"When All Becomes New is a rare and intimate glimpse into the mind and soul of a man tasked with 'cavorting between life and death' in his role as a neonatologist. Each beautifully drawn story in this powerful and illuminating collection explores the gut-wrenching gale of emotions Dr. Rattray must grapple with during even the most routine NICU moments. Full of empathy and honesty, this book is ultimately a spiritual journey punctuated with anguish, deep human connection, joy, perspective, and ultimately, reconciliation. It is a story that will surely cast hope and heal hearts."
--Carrie Firestone, author of The Unlikelies

"When you flip to the prologue of a book and read, "The baby's heart rate suddenly disappears from the monitor . . . ," you absolutely must, no matter how tired you are, keep reading, mustn't you? When All Becomes New offers readers a glimpse behind the curtain of the NICU. But this is not just a rehash of something you might have watched during the heyday of must-see TV. Rattray invites us into the private thoughts and life of a neonatal physician, a life where he struggles to preserve the 'humanity in medicine drowned under the weight of fatigue, stress, and a crushing workload'--and, in doing so, he has given us a book that, in some ways, we wish had never been written, while also being moved by its empathy and compassion."
--Terry L. Kennedy, Editor, The Greensboro Review

Benjamin Rattray is a newborn critical care physician in North Carolina where he serves as Associate Medical Director of Neonatal Intensive Care at the Cone Health Women's and Children's Center. He completed a pediatric residency and a neonatal-perinatal medicine fellowship at Duke University Medical Center, holds an MBA from LSU Shreveport, and is a certified physician executive. He lives with his wife, three children, and a golden retriever in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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ISBN: 9781666704907
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Published: Resource Publications (CA) - August 26th, 2021

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