Bryant Holsenbeck, "The Last Straw"

Bryant Holsenbeck, The Last Straw

Sunday, January 26, 2pm

Where is away? Environmental artist Bryant Holsenbeck had long wondered where trash goes when we throw it away. Realizing that what we discard never really goes away, she became concerned about all the disposable plastic that piles up in landfills and clogs our streams. Bryant began saying NO to single-use plastic and spent a year discovering ways to live without it. This book documents her journey and the creative alternatives she found.

In The Last Straw, Bryant Holsenbeck tells the story of how she learned to live differently, to become more aware of the world around her, and to understand more about plastic and its impact on us and our environment. The book is based on the blog she wrote during the year she tried to live without plastic. In it she provides reflections on environmental initiatives, tips for living with a reduced plastic footprint, and artistic inspiration for the journey.

Bryant Holsenbeck is an environmental artist in Durham, NC, who makes art out of stuff people usually throw away. After her realization that there is no away, that there is only out of sight, she resolved to create beauty out of trash. She has been making art out of recycled materials ever since, in an attempt to draw people s attention to how much we throw away and to encourage individuals and communities to be better stewards of the environment.

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Saturday, October 19, 2019 - 11:15am
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