Children's Storytime with Katy Torney, Leanne Pizio, and a Llama!!

Children's Storytime with Katy Torney & Leanne Pizio, What Do Llamas Do?

With a special appearance by the llamas featured in the book!!

Saturday, December 9, 11am

Inca loves to have fun. But sometimes fun can lead a llama into trouble. 
Katy Torney’s “What Do Llamas Do?” is a children’s book based on a real event. 

Katy Torney, llama lady and writer, loves to tell stories about how she and her llamas trotted into schools “to teach the letter L.” They showed children how llamas look like the letter “L” and can carry everything you need for camping without ever eating your marshmallows. In hundreds of classrooms, Katy read stories and showed students how to turn llamas’ soft, warm fur into yarn that she could weave into scarves. 

One thing Katy loves about her llamas is their good-natured patience. For years she dressed them in seasonal hats and trotted them into schools. That worked wonderfully until the day her llama, Inca, wore blinking antlers at Christmas. “I was impressed by Inca’s spunk and she seemed to have more fun than all the other llamas,” remembers Katy, “but that December Inca surprised even me about what llamas do!” Inca’s adventurous spirit was a great beginning to a fantastical story told from her point of view.

Katy knew she had the perfect illustrator for her story in Leanne Pizio, an Oak Ridge, North Carolina, artist. “I’d adored the playful whimsy of Leanne’s art for years,” Katy says, “and no one understands the quirky fun of animals like she does!”

The book showcases 39 full-page color illustrations and a story with surprises, laughter, and lots of conflict. All of these are perfect for read-it-again sharing with children 3 and up. The book’s afterwards tells the true story and the author is happy to include a non-fiction flyer of true llama facts if requested. 

Event date: 
Saturday, December 9, 2017 - 11:00am
Event address: 
304 S. Elm St.
Greensboro, NC 27401