David Campt, "The White Ally Toolkit Workbook"

David Campt, "The White Ally Toolkit Workbook"

Thursday, July 12, 7pm

Dr. David Campt founder of the the Ally Conversation Toolkit (ACT) will be sharing some provocative insights from his new publication, the White Ally Toolkit Workbook. During his talk, he will share some of his reflections based on his 25 years as a racial dialogue specialist, including: insights from social psychology that have relevance for increasing influence on the large portion of white people who doubt racism's existence the ways that blind spots of white allies and anti-racism advocates of color who influence them combine to limit the growth of the racial equity movement practical steps that white allies can take to reset broken communication patterns with relatives and friends and start having more influence instead of just being frustrated The author will speak and use a variety if audience engagement methods to create a unique and dynamic 60-75 minute experience.

The White Ally Toolkit Workbook: Using active listening, empathy, and personal storytelling to promote racial equity this workbook encourages, empowers, and equips white anti-racism allies to have more effective conversations with the surprisingly high portion of white people who question racism’s existence. Based on findings from neurobiology, the science of persuasion, and decades of creating racial dialogue within many communities and prestigious organizations, the workbook is a step by step guide that helps white people create productive encounters with their family members, friends, co-workers, and others who see racial issues very differently.

Dr. David Campt, founder of the Ally Conversation Toolkit (ACT) has been a national leader in creating dialogue about racial equity for more than two decades. His clients have included The White House, social justice organizations, Members of Congress, the foundation community, labor unions, corporations, universities, and non-profit organizations. ACT has touched thousands of people in person and on-line, and represents an important innovation in the struggle for racial equity.

Event date: 
Thursday, July 12, 2018 - 7:00pm
Event address: 
304 S. Elm St.
Greensboro, NC 27401