ONLINE: Reading the World by Chasing Homer by Laszlo Krasznahorkai


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A classic escape nightmare, Chasing Homer is sped on not only by Krasznahorkai’s signature velocity, but also by a unique musical score and intense illustrations

In this thrilling chase narrative, a hunted being escapes certain death at breakneck speed―careening through Europe, heading blindly South. Faster and faster, escaping the assassins, our protagonist flies forward, blending into crowds, adjusting to terrains, hopping on and off ferries, always desperately trying to stay a step ahead of certain death: the past did not exist, only what was current existed―a prisoner of the instant, rushing into this instant, an instant that had no continuation …
      Krasznahorkai―celebrated for the exhilarating energy of his prose―outdoes himself in Chasing Homer. And this unique collaboration boasts beautiful full-color paintings by Max Neumann and―reaching out of the book proper―the wildly percussive music of Szilveszter Miklós scored for each chapter (to be accessed by the reader via QR codes).

"The Hungarian iconoclast’s vision of spiritual terror is now available in surround sound."
Sam Sacks, Wall Street Journal

"Once again, Krasznahorkai demonstrates that his ability to convey the instability of existence and evoke the menace inherent in everyday life is without equal."
Declan O'Driscoll, The Irish Times

"When the Hungarian novelist László Krasznahorkai releases a new short work, you can immediately infer a few things: it will be mad (ravingly so) and preoccupied with its own madness; it will consist of fewer sentences than pages; it’s likely to include works of art; and it will be far, far denser than its length seems to allow. Krasznahorkai’s new book, Chasing Homer, is a cacophonous, confounding work."
Will Fenstermaker, Frieze


The winner of the 2019 National Book Award for Translated Literature and the 2015 Man Booker International Prize for lifetime achievement, László Krasznahorkai was born in Gyula, Hungary.

John Batki is a kilimologist, writer, translator, and visual artist. He was born in Hungary and has lived in the United States since age fourteen.

Max Neumann is a leading German painter who turns the human figure into an abstract symbol, reducing his compositions to their pure essence. He has had more than 150 solo exhibitions around the world and lives in Berlin.

Szilveszter Miklós, a Hungarian jazz drummer and improviser, graduated from the Franz Liszt Academy and is one of the pioneering figures in Budapest’s free music scene.


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Chasing Homer By László Krasznahorkai, John Batki (Translated by), Max Neumann (By (artist)), Szilveszter Miklós (Performed by) Cover Image
By László Krasznahorkai, John Batki (Translated by), Max Neumann (By (artist)), Szilveszter Miklós (Performed by)
ISBN: 9780811227971
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Published: New Directions - November 2nd, 2021

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