Science Matters Bookclub: "Darwin's Gift to Science and Religion"

Science Matters Bookclub: "Darwin's Gift to Science and Religion"

a reading group to strengthen community through sceince communication

Saturday, June 16, 10am

"Please join us as we read and discuss books Science Matters Bokclub. As you read, jot down questions and ideas the book raises for discussion.  Books in the series can be ordered by Scuppernong Books. We urge you to support your local indie bookstore!" 

"Darwin's Gift to Science and Religion" by Francisco J. Ayala: With the publication in 1859 of On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, Charles Darwin established evolution by common descent as the dominant scientific explanation for nature's diversity. This was to be his gift to science and society; at last, we had an explanation for how life came to be on Earth. Scientists agree that the evolutionary origin of animals and plants is a scientific conclusion beyond reasonable doubt. They place it beside such established concepts as the roundness of the earth, its revolution around the sun, and the molecular composition of matter. That evolution has occurred, in other words, is a fact.

Yet as we approach the bicentennial celebration of Darwin's birth, the world finds itself divided over the truth of evolutionary theory. Consistently endorsed as "good science" by experts and overwhelmingly accepted as fact by the scientific community, it is not always accepted by the public, and our schools continue to be battlegrounds for this conflict. From the Tennessee trial of a biology teacher who dared to teach Darwin's theory to his students in 1925 to Tammy Kitzmiller's 2005 battle to keep intelligent design out of the Dover district schools in Pennsylvania, it's clear that we need to cut through the propaganda to quell the cacophony of raging debate.

With the publication of Darwin's Gift, a voice at once fresh and familiar brings a rational, measured perspective to the science of evolution. An acclaimed evolutionary biologist with a background in theology, Francisco Ayala offers clear explanations of the science, reviews the history that led us to ratify Darwin's theories, and ultimately provides a clear path for a confused and conflicted public.

Many thanks to the following who helped pull together our reading list for the year:  UNC-G: David Remington, Robert L. Anemone, Rob Cannon, Malcolm Schug, Tad Skotnicki; A&T: Joe Graves; UNC App: Gwen Schug.

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Saturday, June 16, 2018 - 10:00am
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304 S. Elm St.
Greensboro, NC 27401