Sonya Deulina Williams, "Mirrors"

Sonya Deulina Williams, Mirrors

Tuesday, November 5, 7pm

Sarah and Sam have never met but they have something in common. Sarah’s been searching for her father since he went missing four years ago. Her family thinks it’s time to move on, but Sarah is determined to get to the bottom of his disappearance. Sam is a hotshot marketing executive on the rise. She has it all. So why does she feel like something is missing?

Sarah and Sam begin to experience dreams and memories that aren’t their own. As these visions increase in intensity and frequency, and the women struggle to keep a grip on reality, they embark on journey to understand what is happening to them. While they don’t know each other, there is a connection between them that has larger implications than they can imagine.

When Sarah and Sam begin to uncover the truth behind the visions, they are thrown into the midst of a dark conspiracy with dire consequences. With a newly forged team of friends, can Sarah and Sam find a way to use their connection to save everything they cherish before it’s too late?

Sonya Deulina Williams was born in Moscow, Russia in 1989. She immigrated to the United States, specifically to Greensboro, North Carolina, with her family in 1994 with refugee status, to flee anti-semitism. This journey would become a major influence over her later years.

As an only child, Sonya was prone to day dreaming and loved drawing. Both of her parents are artists/painters. In high school and college, Sonya developed an interest in psychology and specifically how art and psychology could merge to bring insight and healing. So, she majored in Creative Writing and Psychology, and went on to intern/work in a variety of settings facilitating mental health and expressive arts interventions for refugee children and folks with various mental health issues. She later went on to get her Masters in Social Work.

Sonya loves incorporating expressive arts into her therapy work and psychological elements into her writing. She especially enjoys when fiction and reality blur, so that the reader finds themselves asking, "Could this be possible?" Naturally, Sonya gravitated to scifi and began writing her first novel "Mirrors" in 2015.

Currently, Sonya lives in Jamestown, North Carolina with her husband Greg and their three parrots. She enjoys binge watching scifi/psychological thrillers, going to the beach, acrylic painting, blasting her music, and spending time with her loved ones.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2019 - 7:00pm
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304 S. Elm St.
Greensboro, NC 27401