Tanae Walker, "My Journey"

Tanae Walker, My Journey

Saturday, June 15, 11am

Educator Tanae Walker shares her secrets for losing 40 pounds, in four months, while being over 40. Through her own research and personal experience, she has learned how to not only lose weight but how to maintain her healthy weight by creating a healthy lifestyle and no longer yo-yo dieting. As a former emotional eater, she shares valuable information on how to change your perception and relationship with food. In this inspirational yet practical book, the educator allows you to reflect on eating habits and how it affects your total well being. She also gives key information on how to start incorporating exercise into your everyday lifestyle. This book also has a few healthy recipes that will help you shed the pounds.

Tanae N. Walker is a wife and mother to seven children, 3 biological and four bonus. She resides in North Carolina. She has been an educator for twelve years.

Event date: 
Saturday, June 15, 2019 - 11:00am
Event address: 
304 S. Elm St.
Greensboro, NC 27401