Five Ways: A Sonnet Craft with C.T. Salazar


The price of this workshop includes a book by the author.

May 13, 7PM EST

C.T. Salazar - A Sonnet Craft


C.T. Salazar is a Latinx poet and librarian from Mississippi. He’s the author of three chapbooks: American Cavewall Sonnets and This Might Have Meant Fire (Bull City Press) and Forty Stitches Sewing A Body Against A Ramshackle Night (Animal Heart Press). He’s the 2020 recipient of the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters award in poetry. His poems have appeared in The Cincinnati Review, The Rumpus, Beloit Poetry Journal, 32 Poems, RHINO, and elsewhere. His first full length is due from Acre Books in 2022.


Your ticket purchases access to C.T.'s workshop and a copy of his book, American Cavewall Sonnets.
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Price: $25.00