Scup and Social Media

Hello Scuppernong Friends,

In the next few weeks the store will effectively leave Facebook. We will continue to post the occasional event, but we will transition away from using the platform as a primary form of communication with our customers. For the time being, we will maintain our social media presence on Twitter and Instagram.

The problems with social media are pretty obvious, but Facebook appears to take no responsibility whatsoever for content as long as it is profitable to them, and they have been involved with numerous dangerous and irresponsible actions. The role Facebook plays in the propagation of disinformation cannot be underestimated. We’ve attached links for further reading to the bottom of this post.

Of course, Twitter and Instagram have serious problems as well (and Instagram is now owned by Facebook.) We are aware of them. Instagram, at the moment, allows for less dissemination of disinformation, and Twitter has instituted some policies (though not enough) to fight the rising wave of propaganda which is now a function of both sides of the political divide.

Alternately, we are beginning a weekly newsletter which will contain all of the content we’ve posted on Facebook, including new releases, upcoming events, literary news and features, our Friday Book Report, and much more. It’s more like a magazine than a newsletter. We’d love it if you subscribed. You can subscribe here or send us an email at


Additional links for Information about Facebook


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