Write Now Guilford


In January 2023, Scuppernong Books (the bookstore) and Scuppernong Editions (the press) joined forces for a year-long program to showcase writers in all genres under 25 in Guilford County.

We called it Write Now Guilford. The goal was to highlight young talent in the Guilford County community.

Read about our first round of winners here.


Young writers are the least represented among members in the state's literary arts organizations. Writers under 25 are in an odd category: many are no longer in high school, perhaps in an undergraduate degree program, and often in the formative years of finding their voice. We recognize, too, this demographic is America's most diverse ever; one that has witnessed a pandemic and heightened political and cultural change. For these reasons, we want to elevate Guilford County's emerging voices. They are future writers narrating their lives right now.