Write Now Guilford 2023 Winners

The Winners have been chosen and the first Write Now Guilford writer's video will premiere on January 15, and every 15th in the months after. The videos will be posted on the websites of Scuppernong Books and Scuppernong Editions and on all of our social media, along with a short interview with the artist.



Mondonna Deldgie, Freedom

Mondonna Deldgie is a local creative interested in all forms of expression. She studied acting at GTCC and graduated from UNCG with a bachelors in English and International Studies. She enjoys analyzing anything that can teach us about people, including language, art, and culture. 



Jennie Ergot, Tent by the Road

Jennie Ergott is a sophomore at Guilford Technical Community College l who enjoys reading and writing YA sci-fi and fantasy. She's loved story-telling since she was nine years old, and hopes to be a published novelist.



Suzy Allen, 9-4-20

Suzy Allen is a writer based in Greensboro, North Carolina. In addition to writing, she also pursues acting and skateboarding. She enjoys making films, music, and jokes. 



Payton Wagner, Our Lady of the Theatre

Payton Wagner is a senior at Greensboro Day School. She’s always loved anything to do with words, whether it's reading books, telling stories, or writing my stories of her own. She also enjoys drawing, baking, swimming, and hiking, and her wonderful dogs named Finley and Truffles!



Michelle Everette, tired of tiny noises, your eyes hum a large vibration

Michelle Everette keeps searching for a fuller freedom.