Writers as Witness 2019



Writers as Witness :

Reporting an America in Crisis


A Collaboration between Scuppernong Books,

Greensboro Bound, and PEN America


Traditional journalism is under attack across the country. Economic forces are closing more and more print and digital new sources, while non-news sources proliferate. Political figures regularly decry established news sources as ‘fake news’ and call out individual reporters. Cancel culture threatens to limit discussion of sensitive topics. In fact, the very concept of traditional journalism is shifting rapidly, morphing to a new media landscape.

Scuppernong Books is working in conjunction with PEN America and Greensboro Bound to present Writers as Witness in the Fall of 2019.

How is journalism done and how does it affect our community and our country? What are our responsibilities as media consumers? What is unbiased journalism? What are the limits of free speech? What are the current threats (economic, cultural, and political) to free journalistic expression in the US?

The Writers as Witness series seeks to explore the ways in which writers—be they journalists, poets, memoirists, or fiction writers—engage and elaborate our current cultural moment in America.


Why Local Journalism Matters

Wednesday, September 18 7:30pm

Scuppernong Books


Working a Broad Beat: Regional and Freelance Journalism

Thursday, October 3, 7pm

Scuppernong Books


Keynote Event

Dennis Johnson, Melville House Publishing, The Mueller Report

Wednesday, October 23 7pm

Scuppernong Books


When Reporting is Personal

Thursday, December 5 7pm

Scuppernong Books


PEN America Media Literacy Workshop

Date TBA


Free Speech in a Time of Hate Speech

Date TBA